Are Nike Air Max Good for Running

Are Nike Air Max Good for Running

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Nike is one of the best sports shoes in the world. This company has been operating since 1964 and produces shoes and other sports equipment. Many people use Nike sneakers for training and everyday wear.

Nike Air Max is one of the best all-time sneakers. They are specifically designed to provide support for your feet and are comfortable for everyday use. Nevertheless, you must understand that the Nike Air Max shoes come in different designs to serve varying purposes.

In this article, we’re going to look at everything you should know about Nike Air Max. In the end, we’ll conclude whether the Air Maxes series are suitable for running or not.

What Are Nike Air Max Shoes?

The Nike Air Max line is among the best sneakers on the market. The first Nike Air shoe hit the shelves in 1978, and they are still loved by people of all ages and classes. Many people under 30 years have probably been wearing Nike shoes their entire life.

Even though they may not be the best shoes in the market now, they enjoy a massive presence among high-class celebrities in the music industry. The company is proud to release more designs that suit people with different needs.

Nike Air stands out from other shoes because they are designed with a durable and flexible membrane to provide lightweight footwear. Though not all, some Air Max models are designed for short and long-distance running. They have exclusive features for stability, padding, and sturdiness.

It’s worth noting that Nike Air Max is not only recommended for running, but excellent lifestyle wears as well. Though there is no perfect running shoe, Air Max 90 is highly recommended for its unique supportive features and durability.

Best Air Max Running Shoe and Key Features

As earlier mentioned, there are different Air Maxes that you can use for running and other exercises. However, not all designs have the features required to provide support to runners.

Air Max 90 is considered the best sneakers from the company. These shoes have an iconic design and a blend of striking rainbow colors. The best thing about these shoes is that you can run in them without hurting your feet.

They have been used by popular runners like Steve Moneghetti, who used them for long-distance running. Their great performance and design are what have made Nike Air Max 90 remain the best Nike Air Max line of all time.

However, some modern designs are heavier than the original Air Maxes, that’s why many people don’t consider them for running.

The following are the key features of Air Max 90 Shoes:


The upper edge of the Air Max 90 model is designed for running. The shoe combines a lean leather piece and a mesh material to make it flexible and provide the breathability needed. This feature makes them suitable shoes for short-distance running. 

Additionally, Air Max 90 comes with extra eyelets at the top with padding in the collar, tongue, and heel that makes it a comfortable shoe for running.


Although the midsole of Nike Air Max 90 doesn’t have any Zoom X to provide support, they are built with the iconic air unit in the heel tab and an extra air pocket in the forefoot. Runners enjoy maximum support in the mid-level structure of the shoes. Also, the foam is far denser and rigid, which means they become more comfortable to run in with time.


The rubber design of the outsole of the Air Max 90 is more sticky and less tactile than any other shoe. However, the stickiness of the rubber makes these shoes heavier and good for short-distance running.

Reasons Why Air Max 90 is Recommended for Short Distance Running

If you are planning on getting a pair of Air Max 90 for running, you are in for a great performance. The following are reasons why these sneakers are highly recommended for short-distance running:

Extra Durability and Flexibility: Nike Air Max 90 shoes have a thick outsole that makes them good for running. The durable rubber prevents the sole from wearing out, thus lasting longer than other models. Additionally, these shoes have a stronger upper edge for scratch resistance. Also, the outsole and air max cushioning reduce the flexibility of these shoes. The good thing is that it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying smooth jogging or short-distance runs.

Shock Absorbing and Responsiveness: The Air Max 90 shoes are excellent shock absorbers. It is specifically created to absorb shock as you run on the road. Therefore, you are sure that your feet are safe from unexpected injuries. The combination of the thick midsole and outsole offers extra bounce and responsiveness to the shoe.

Comfortable: Air Max 90 are comfortable running shoes. You’ll have to use them for some good time to break them completely. The reason they recommend these shoes for running is that the midsole is customized for runners with different needs. Though Air Max 90 is narrow, they don’t interfere with its comfort.

Support and Protection: Nike Air max 90 running shoes provide good support for your feet. The lacing system allows you to adjust tightness for a comfortable fit. The extra cushioning in the shoe keeps your feet snug fit to prevent unnecessary movement while running. Additionally, the padding in the shoes protects your feet. It also reduces strain on joints and the risk of injuries while running.

Perfect Traction: The strong waffle-style outsole in Nike Air Max provides good traction while running. This way, you don’t have to worry about slipping on the road. However, you must understand that these shoes are not designed for all terrains, despite having tread patterns. Wearing Air Max 90 while running on rugged terrains will make them wear out fast.

Affordability: One of the best things about Air Maxes is they are affordable for people with low and high budgets. The latest models of Air Max shoes are highly priced because of their exclusive features. The high price is proportional to their stability, durability, comfortability, and performance.

Reasons Why Nike Air Max 270 is not A Good Running Shoe

Another classic Nike design that has found itself on the shelves in modern times is the Air Max 270. Although this sneaker attracts many people, they are not suitable for running. The shoe was designed for all-day casual wear and not for sports activities. What’s appealing about the Air Max model is its different colors and designs. The shoe lines have names like the Air Max 270 React, Jordan Max 270, and others.

The following are features that make Air Max 270:

Design: Nike Air Max 270 has artistic color designs drawn from different retro art movements. It’s lightweight and with incredible features that make it good for all body weight. However, the swooshy design should not fool you into using them for running, as you risk hurting your feet.

Air Bubble: The Air Max 270 are among the most popular sneakers because they have an air bubble of 270mm – thicker than any other lifestyle shoe. This way, your feet will feel like it is surrounded by the air bubble and not walking on top of it.

Upper Edge: The top of Air Max 270 has multiple layers that give it a modern look. The shoes have a thick upper mesh that prevents enough supply of air to your feet. Also, Air Max 270 has a black fused overlay that provides durability in the toe box. The attractive mesh design makes this Air Maxes perfect lifestyle shoe.

Drop: The drop of Air Max 270 is not meant for performance. The advantage these shoes have is the vast air unit of 35mm, which is bigger than any other sneaker on the market today.

Stability: Even though Air Max 270 are stable shoes for everyday wear, the same cannot be said for running. These shoes have large exposed air pockets, but the heel cup in the sneakers is stiff. You can only feel comfortable in these shoes if you are going short distances.

Traction: The outsole of Nike Air max 270 features three different sections. These parts are merged to provide enough traction, but they can perform better for everyday activities.

Outsole: The midsole of Air Max 270 has a reacting layer for fashionable wear. However, the midsole doesn’t feel cushiony like the react used in official running shoes.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Pair of Running Shoes

Every shoe is designed with features to serve a specific purpose. For runners, there are some features you must consider to ensure you buy a pair of shoes that provide the support your foot and body weight requires. So, the following are key elements to look for:

Pronation Control

Shoe companies have been using technology to create shoes with motion control to protect runners from knee injuries. It is essential to understand that people’s feet are divided into three categories – neutral, overpronated, and underpromoted. Each foot pronation has matching running shoes. Ensure you analyze your pronation before picking a new pair of running shoes.


The material of your shoes will determine the level of cushioning to expect. The cushioning of your shoes helps in absorbing your body weight and protecting your leg joints. Check the manufacturers’ specifications of the surfaces you can run on if you run on uneven terrain, pavement, or tarmac roads. Also, you must decide if you will be training from the gym or outside.

Support and Shock Absorbing

A running shoe is built with a special insole to help your foot to remain comfortable at all times. Long distance runners require shoes with good supportive material as the leg muscles tend to tire out earlier. Additionally, the running shoe should handle the shock of at least 2.5 times your normal body weight that comes from your body when hitting the ground.


The overall style of the shoe will determine whether you’ll love them. Many runners check if the shoe brand has sponsorship deals before getting shoes. For example, a runner can collaborate with Nike to customize their Air Maxes to their liking.


A good running shoe should fit naturally on your leg. Some footwear stores allow customers to try different sizes to pick the perfect one for running. When trying new shoes, wear a pair of socks and try them as you would when running or walking.

Heel Drop

The heel drop is represented in millimeters, and it’s the difference between your toe and heel when you wear a shoe. The heel drop is determined by the cushioning layer. The best running shoes should have a higher heel drop to allow your feet to hit the ground. The minimum heel drop for running sneakers is 10 millimeters. Also, the sneakers have flared heels to provide enough stability when running.

Flexibility and Breathability

Many running shoe designs flex easily in the arch section and forefoot. You can determine the flexibility of your new pair of sneakers by bending them to the maximum limit. In addition, it should be designed with good upper material to allow breathability. Most Air Max designs have lightweight materials and breathable features.

Are Nike Air Max Good Running Shoes – Summary

Yes, you can wear Air max for running. However, you must understand that not all Nike Air Maxes are suitable for running. So far, the Air Max 90 is the best model you can wear for short distances. The design and material used to create these shoes make them good for road running and cross-training exercises.

Nevertheless, the Air Max 90 model is unsuitable for long-distance running as you may hurt your feet. Generally, they are heavy and not breathable enough.

Now you have the answer to whether to run in your Air max sneakers or not; you can research and find the designs that are designed to provide support when running. Always pay attention to the responsiveness and the balance between durability and performance.

Nike Air Max Shoes FAQs

Which are the latest and most expensive Nike Air max shoes?

Nike is well-known for constantly producing new and trendy shoe designs. Some of the most expensive models include Nike Air Max Plus x Supreme ($344), Nike Air Max Tailwind V ($160), Nike Air Max 270 React ($150), and Nike Air 90 Infrared ($109).

What are the best features of Nike Air Max shoes?

Many people love Air Maxes because they are flexible, breathable, durable, and supportive. Also, these shoes are affordable to people with different budgets.

How long do Air Max 90 shoes last?

The longevity of a shoe depends on how you use it. The quality of Air Max 90 allows it to serve you for up to two years. The secret is to avoid high-impact exercises like weight lifting and leg workouts.

Does Nike Air Max make you taller?

Yes, the outsole and extra cushioning in Air Maxes can make you taller by 1 or 2 inches, depending on your height. The Nike Air Max 2090 has the highest added height of 41mm.

What is Air Max 270 good for?

The Air max 270 are good shoes for basketball players. Also, they have a stylish design that makes them good for casual wear.

What are the top Nike running shoes?

Air Maxes are not the only shoes designed by the Nike company. There are other models you can choose to wear during your running exercise. The most reliable and top-performing shoes for short and long-distance running are ZoomX Vaporfly Next 2, Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit 2, and Quest 4.

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