Running in Jeans

Running in Jeans

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, preparing for your next race is vital. One thing you must get ready before any exercise is your running attire. The types of running gear vary depending on one’s preference. But have you ever seen someone running in jeans?

Yes, we have people who wear them when running or going about routine exercise. Whether the jeans make them uncomfortable or not, we’ll find out later.

This article will explore why some runners wear blue jeans instead of normal running shorts. Carry on reading to learn more interesting facts, including the blue jean mile and how it started.

What is the Blue Jean Mile Tradition?

Like many inspiring stories, the blue jean mile started as a simple joke. The idea was started by Paul Snyder when he made a post on a website about spicing things up in track and field. At first, he could not fathom what a whole group of people running in blue jeans could look like.

The rules of the blue jean mile are straightforward. A runner must produce video evidence of breaking the 4:00 record for men and 4:36 for women. The running attire in the video must include a pair of blue denim jeans.

Surprisingly enough, the joke was well-received and supported by many people. It was only a matter of time, and the blue jean mile was a big event. However, Snyder’s prize, which has grown to $1200, has not been won to this day.

Since the movement is relatively new, Snyder had to come up with some recommendations. The first thing is to avoid wearing skinny jeans. He recommends wearing denim that is sizable with some room for movement. Also, you must wear some protective compression shorts under your jeans.

Advantages of Running in Jeans

The following are reasons why you should wear jeans when running:

Comfortable: The first thing is jeans are comfortable, especially denim shorts. Also, they provide enough support.

All Weather: You can wear jeans in hot or cold weather conditions. The fabric used in jeans keeps your legs and body warm in chilly weather.

Durable: Another reason for choosing jeans is that they are durable and long-lasting. They can endure harsh weather conditions for a longer time.

Affordable: Getting a pair of blue jeans is pretty simple. You can visit any store or online website and order one. The recommended jeans should not be too tight and not very baggy. A medium size will make you comfortable and easy to run.

Disadvantages of Running in Jeans

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t run in your pair of jeans:

Non-Stretchable: Most jeans materials like denim don’t stretch, which makes them quite uncomfortable to use.

Take Long to Dry: Unlike sports pants, jeans take long to dry. This can be inconvenient if you run into bad weather as it will be soaked all through.

Heavy: Another problem with running in jeans is they get heavy when they absorb sweat and moisture. This makes them not suitable for a marathon and other long-distance runs.

Recommended Fabrics for Running Pants

The best material for sportswear is synthetic, as it can keep you warm and dry throughout the exercise. The best fabrics for running are:

  • Spandex: Pants made of spandex are highly recommended for running and any other day-to-day activities. This material is stretchy and flexible.
  • Polyester: The durability and lightweight of polyester make it good for running. Also, this fabric repels UV rays to keep your body warm.
  • Wool: Running wear made of merino wool is good because it is highly breathable with antibacterial properties.

Best Pants for Running

Looking for the best running pants? We have you covered. The following are the best pants you can wear when running:

Tights: A pair of tights is loved by runners because of the highly compressive cut that traps body heat. Running tights are suitable in the winter seasons.

Shorts: There are many types of running shorts that are categorized based on size and length. The good thing with shorts is they allow free air circulation on the legs to keep your muscles relaxed.

Modern Sweat pants: The latest sweat pant fashions are breathable, sweat-wicking, and dry fast. They are designed with more room in the thighs and well fitting.


It comes to a personal choice when it comes to running attire. If you find wearing blue jeans a trendy fashion, you can go for it. Who knows, you could be the winner of a whopping $1200 cash prize. However, if you are considering wearing jeans, ensure you weigh between the benefits and downsides. It is essential to choose a running attire that you are comfortable in.

Joseph Peele